Features To Check Out With Your New iPhone 6S

So, you have purchased your new iPhone recently! Whether you are switching to Apple for the 1st time or upgrading from an iphone 5S, you might possibly gain from learning the tips, tricks and features that will aid you maximize your Smartphone. Let’s have a look at a few features to check out with your iphone 6S .

3D Touch:

The most notable feature on the iPhone 6S is 3D Touch. Similar to Force Touch on the Apple Watch and newer MacBooks, it permits the display to feel the pressure of your finger strokes and unlocks new features when you press down at different levels of pressure. On the new iPhones, you can use 3D touch to turn your keyboard into a trackpad, allowing for faster text selection. Press down anywhere on your keyboard to see the letter keys blur and your cursor come alive. You can then slide your finger around to quickly move the cursor where you want it, or press down a little bit harder to quickly highlight text.

Shoot a Live Photo:

An interesting new feature of the iPhone 6S camera is the ability to shoot a so-called Live Photo, a mix between a static image, animated GIF, and a full-on video. It works by capturing moments before and right after you snap a shot in Apple’s native camera app. Press down on the photo inside the Camera Roll, and 3D Touch will bring it to life.

Set a live wallpaper as your background

Thanks to Live Photos, you can now turn your iPhone lock screen into a moving image. Anything shot with the new camera feature will come to life with one press on your LCD iphone 6S. Apple also includes a number of high-resolution images with custom 3D Touch animations you can set as your smartphone background as well.

Fast actions from the home screen

In addition to pop and peek, 3D Touch lets you press down on home screen icons to access a list of functions you can jump into without having to open the app first. For instance, press down firmly on Apple’s camera app and you can select the option to take a selfie, which then quickly opens the front-facing camera. Expect app makers that haven’t already updated their software today to go crazy with this home iphone 6s screen feature over the next few weeks, as it’s easily the most useful 3D Touch use case.


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